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Web Site Design, Management and Hosting

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    It doesn't take a "Fortune 500" company's budget to have a great web site. POWW Media Services can put together both web design and hosting for the cost of a few newspaper ads.

    There are many different types of sites you can have depending on the image you want. In our opinion, a good web site isn't all flashy graphics and sounds. Great graphics without substance just serve to waste time. You know how it is when you are waiting what seems like forever for a site to load, you are tempted to just click away. Our idea is to get your message across cleanly, quickly with enough "flash" to keep people interested.

    If this philosophy fits you, then lets work together! If you want the whiz, bang, zoom we can certainly provide it for you...your product or image may warrant it, and for a designer that's the fun part anyway! to discuss your ideas.

Web Site Design & Maintenance: $40.00/hr includes,
                * Design and layout of site.
                * Scanning and retouching any photos to be included.
                * Using graphics, photos or creating images to be included in site.
                * Importing text from your file or typing it in.
                * Registering your site with major search engines.
                * Seeking out and linking your site with related sites to your field or product.
                * Updating your site as you need to.

Web Site Hosting and Domain Name Management:

        We can also arrange web hosting services and domain name (www. yourname.com) registration.
        Whether you just want an easy to remember email address (you@yourname.com), a simple web site presence or a full internet storefront, we can tailor a package to meet every need.
      to discuss your ideas.

A basic site with domain name example:
* web space to host account -- $150.00 per year 
* Domain names are generally $15 per year.
* No Setup Fee
     Total site location setup charges: $165.00! 

Simple presence or tight budget:
    If your aim is just a simple presence on the web and you don't need a domain name --you can get a budget site.  $50 per year will get you a couple pages at www.powwmedia.com/yournamehere
    We can add a domain name to this for between $15 - $45 per year, depending on the services needed.

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